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Miernik kontroler stężenia ozonu OEM-3

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OEM-3 to system kontrolujący generatory ozonu i alarmy oparte na nastawianej wartości zadanej stężenia ozonu. Został zaprojektowany do współpracy z wymiennymi modułami czujników, które są wstępnie skonfigurowane dla zakresu wykrywania ozonu 0-0,1 ppm, 0-1 ppm i 0-10 ppm.

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  • Specifications:

    • Sensor: Electrochemical SPEC Sensor.
    • Range: 0-0.1 ppm, 0-1.0 ppm, or 0-10.0 ppm
    • Sensitivity: As low as 0.03 ppm for the 0.1 ppm module, These sensitivities will decrease if sensor module extension cables are used.
    • Response time: < 60 s to 90% full scale, immediate response time < 5 s.
    • Turn-on, turn-off time delay: 8 seconds standard. Other times by request.
    • Recommended temperature and humidity range: 50F-86F (10C-30C), 25%-75% RH. The circuit does include temperature compensation.
    • Supply voltage required: 12-24 VDC or AC, 250 mA.
    • Relay ratings: SPDT non-latching. Contacts: 5 amps at 250 volts AC.
    • Size of main board: 83 X 83 mm (3.25″ X 3.25″). Requires 28 mm (1.125″) clearance from top surface of board and 6 mm (.250″) clearance from bottom surface of the board.
    • Warm-up Time: Min. 1 hour before testing, for best results allow 12 hours before continued use.
    • Zero Adjustment: Re-zero function included standard
    • Compatibility: The gas exposure inlet of the OEM-3 is located the same distance off the board as the tip of the SM-5 sensor on OEM-2 and the relay activation time is the same as in the OEM-2 product family.